Developing Today’s Leaders

“The highest calling of leadership is to live a life where your daily actions align to your core purpose and values.”
—Tony Gambill

Tpny Gambill

ClearView Leadership is founded by Tony Gambill who brings over 25 years of executive and leadership consulting experience in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, technical fields, research, healthcare, government, and higher education.


Throughout his career, Tony has served as an executive leader and developed leaders and their teams through coaching, training, and improving organizational effectiveness. This experience enables Tony to partner with clients in a coach consultant role.


Tony has significant experience working with clients from c-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies to government leaders, entrepreneurs, to nonprofits.


Masterfully blending scientific research, personal experiences, and powerful stories, Tony provides audiences with motivation and practical tools for improving their capacities for Self-Leadership and Leading Others.

Getting it Right When it Matters Most

Discover how to Get It Right in your Moments That Matter-when the situation is complex and relational-and the stakes are high. In an ever-changing environment when typical habits, behaviors, and thinking aren’t enough,

Getting It Right When It Matters Most introduces research backed insight and a simple model for your most important situations. Apply self-awareness, learning agility, and emotional intelligence through the Self, Outlook, Action, and Reflection (SOAR) cycle.

Getting it Right When It Matters Most Book

Let’s Work Together and Map out
Your Future Success

Let’s Work Together and Map out Your Future Success