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“I love when authors create simple solutions for our complicated world, and that’s exactly what Tony and Scott have done here. This book jumps into the middle of all the complex situations we all face every day and provides a clear path forward. There’s deep, practical wisdom in the SOAR approach.”
— Jon Acuff, New York Times best-selling author of Soundtracks, The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

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I love when authors create simple solutions for our complicated world, and that’s exactly what Tony and Scott have done here. This book jumps into the middle of all the complex situations we all face every day and provides a clear path forward. There’s deep, practical wisdom in the S.O.A.R. approach.

Jon AcuffJon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks, The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

Everyone needs to read Getting It Right When It Matters Most. With their decades of knowledge and experience, Tony and Scott teach us how to get along and work with others in the face of conflicting ideologies and contrary motives. What makes this book so special is that the S.O.A.R. technique is just as effective at home as it is in the workplace.

bob-crawfordBob Crawford, bassist for The Avett Brothers band, co-managing partner for the Press On Fund, and co-host for the Road to Now podcast

In our work and life, some days are filled with simply doing the best we can. We try, we fail, and we try again. But some days include situations that require special care: when we need to say the right thing, make the right decision, or handle a relationship in the right way. Authors Tony Gambill and Scott Carbonara call these times ‘moments that matter,’ and for many years they have taught leaders how to get things right in those challenging times. Drawing on their many years of experience in consulting, coaching, and counseling, the authors are now sharing their wisdom with all of us in the form of this book. Highly readable and eminently practical, Getting It Right deserves a place in the library of any leader.

richellaRichella Parham, speaker and author of Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison

I knew this book would make me consider how I make decisions, but I didn’t expect it to cause me to rethink some foundational aspects of how I perceive and respond to internal and external stimuli. Since reading, I’ve begun to notice shifts that reframed and caused me to let go of behavior patterns that no longer serve. This is not what I was expecting, but very welcome, and I’ve learned new questions to guide me in the future.

laura-stewardLaura Steward, speaker, bestselling author of What Would a Wise Woman Do?, host of It’s All About the Questions podcast

Getting it Right is an essential book for understanding how you show up and how to make meaningful adjustments to maximize your presence in any situation. What is a better gift to yourself, your family, and your work than to be your best self.

rob-kramerRob Kramer, author of Stealth Coaching, CEO, executive coach, and educator

Never be caught off guard again! This book equips you with the skills and strategies to be your best self even in your worst moments.

marlene-chismMarlene Chism, culture consultant, author of Stop Workplace Drama, and speaker

Getting it wrong is easy. This book shows you the steps required to get it right, which begins when we work on ourselves, choose healthier outlooks, and really listen to the person sitting next to us. That’s when true progress begins.

tim-ryanTim Ryan, founder and executive director of A Man in Recovery Foundation, subject of the A&E special Dope Man, and author of From Dope to Hope: A Man in Recovery

As a believer in the long-term effectiveness of self-mentoring and self-leadership, I appreciate how Getting It Right compassionately addresses issues, like complex communications, confidence, betrayal, and points out ways to establish healthy boundaries. The tools are real-world and produce positive results when applied. I like how authors Gambill and Carbonara take the reader on a journey to increased personal satisfaction with a sense of sovereignty and trust.

anne-bruceAnne Bruce, bestselling author of Discover True North, Discover True North Relationships and Be Your Own Mentor, producer and host of the popular Vlog #30SecondsAtTheBeach

Getting It Right When It Matters Most offers a profoundly timely and practical guide for self-leadership in the most challenging moments of work and personal life. Combining their own ample experience as leaders and with leaders, as well as tried and tested research insights, Tony Gambill and Scott Carbonara distill a process for disentangling problems from noise and choosing a course of action towards a resolution that aligns with a leader’s best self. A must-read for anyone wanting to take their self-leadership to a whole new level.

beatrizBeatriz Coningham, chief people officer, Pan American Development Foundation

If I had this book back when I transitioned from twenty-one years in the Army to my program/project management career, it could have saved me the grief of a lot of hard lessons. I can still vividly recall the many mistakes I made along the way in my moments that mattered. It would have been nice to have known all this then!

kenKen Grant, LTC US Army (Ret); PMP certified project manager

Wow—finally something for human resource professionals to include in their learning and development programs for all employees! A real focus on driving results in business and personal life. Very impactful!

Kimberly-Lindsay-WilliamsKimberly Lindsay Williams, founder & CEO, North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME) & chief human resource officer, City of Jacksonville NC

Few things get done right on the first take. Film directors create the illusion of the perfect shot by editing and do-overs. In real life, though, we face certain situations when we need to get things right the first time to grow strong, positive relationships. Getting It Right shows you how to do it.

Jennifer_GimenezJennifer Gimenez, American supermodel, actress, reality television personality, and addiction recovery advocate

A successful life starts with building and maintaining relationships. Getting It Right lays out the plan: how to ask questions, listen for answers, and empathize your way into the hearts of others.

randy-grimesRandy Grimes, former NFL center with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, founder of Athletes in Recovery, author of Off Center

In moments that matter most, this book provides a framework for getting it right. Navigating a dynamic professional landscape can tax your best self and your professional relationships. Tony and Scott provide a clear path to resolve complex problems while delicately navigating complex relationships. All too often we forget to self-reflect and S.O.A.R. brings that important practice to the forefront.

Karen BullDr. Karen Bull, dean of the division of online learning, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Tony and Scott provide valuable insights and a tangible action plan—S.O.A.R.—that can be effectively applied during the make-or-break professional and personal interactions we all face in life. The notion that just a small number of these key moments, and their outcomes, determine much of our success and failure in life is a critically important reality to recognize. Getting It Right empowers the reader with the ability to self-identify these crucial encounters and provides the toolkit necessary to successfully navigate them.

devon-godfreyDevon Godfrey, PhD, assistant professor of radiation oncology; chief editor of Advances in Medical Physics, Vols 5&6

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